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    How do I delete certain items (&#039;rows&#039;) from a 2 dimensional array<BR><BR>I want to delete the first 10 &#039;rows&#039; in a 2 dimensional array and keep the next &#039;rows&#039;<BR><BR>I know how to do this with a 1 dimensional array, and could get it to work for a 2 dim array but that would mean to call Redim Preserve a lot of times. Is there an more efficient way?<BR><BR>Maybe a workaroud with putting only the &#039;rows&#039; &#062; 10 into a new array??

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    The only way that I know to do it is with the way you asked in the last line of your post.<BR><BR>I would create a 2nd array that is 10 less in size than the first array and then you can just loop through original array and conditionally put the contents into the new array.<BR><BR>-doug

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