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Thread: SQL Server not found - DSNless problem with SQL Se

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    Default SQL Server not found - DSNless problem with SQL Se

    SQL Server not found - DSNless problem with SQL Server<BR>A little background:<BR>I have 2 web servers (A&B - both IIS) and 2 db servers(X,Y) running SQL Server 7. Each server can be considered a seperate machine on seperate networks.<BR><BR>Applications on A can connect and use data on X or Y no problem.<BR>Applications on B, however, can only use data on X. When I try to use data on Y I get "SQL Server not found".<BR>The data on Y exists, and I can log into the database manually, but for some reason when I try from web server B, it won&#039;t work.<BR><BR>I have been using DSNless connections, which have worked fine. Following a guide on ASP101 (articles/john/connstring) I tried forcing OLEDB to use the TCP/IP library. No luck - the libraries are out of date (not important). <BR><BR>Any ideas?<BR>Banging my head against the wall with this. Note that if there were dodgy settings in either B or Y, the other applications that connect to either would be tonked too - they aren&#039;t.<BR><BR>I&#039;ll include the strings for show, but I am certain there is no problem there - they are in working use in other applications.<BR>A)"Provider=SQLOLEDB;Data Source=serv.blah.co.uk; Initial Catalog=TibData; User Id=me; Password=womble; Network Library=dbmssocn;"<BR><BR>B)"Provider=MSDASQL;Driv er={SQL Server}; Server=serv.blah.co.uk; Database=TibData; UID=me; PWD=womble;" <BR><BR>Cheers all

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    Default Tried using IP?

    Instead of hostname? Maybe B cannot resolve the hostname.

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