I am looking for the best way to conditionally run a control. I found a way to get this to work by changing the Visible property of the controls but I want to make sure this is the best way to do it.<BR><BR>For example, I have a page that has two web controls on it. In Page_Load the first time I load the page, I set control_1.Visible to true and control_2.Visible to false. When I post the form, I reverse them making control_1.Visible false and control_2.Visible true.<BR><BR>This works fine but is it the best way to conditionally load controls?<BR><BR>I want to make sure that the code behind the hidden control is not run. What is the order of events when doing it the way I did it? I would expect that if I called a method in the control and then later make the control hidden it would completely load but then not render anything. Is this a correct assumption?