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    Default Create presentation.. Possible?

    I would like to have a page where the user can select several JPG images and then be able to download all images easly to their hardrive and watch the images as a presentation. How can this be solved? It would be nice if a (.exe) file was generated, so the user only have to click the file to start the presentation.<BR>Thanks!

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    Default Do it with JavaScript...

    ...and have them download an HTML page that runs in their browser, on their own machine.<BR><BR>The JS code can easily cycle through the images. Think about how onMouseOver works to replace one image with another. Do essentially the same thing but based on a timer (and you can even allow them to click a button to go to the next image sooner!).<BR><BR>Not hard. Probably 20 or so lines of JavaScript code.<BR><BR>

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