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    I am in my final year, multimedia computing degree and for my final yr project i am designing an online auction in ASP be it simple to begin with.<BR><BR>I will be using Oracle database to store and retrieve info.<BR><BR>I am having difficulties in determining the tables needed to be made in Oracle.<BR>I have drawn a UML diagram and have determinded these tables so far:<BR>Auction user<BR>Bids<BR>Category<BR>Item<BR>Notification<B R><BR>Just wondering if i need more tables or does it seem correct? and also for an auction user do i need to make tables for a seller and a buyer?<BR><BR>Help is much appreciated, i am tearing my hair out.<BR>

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    i would not have a different tables for buyer and seller, just include a "usegroup" field in the auctionuser DB<BR><BR>also, to get better answers for your questions you might want o include more info about each DB and how they relate to each other

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