I have two tables and I am trying to get information located in two tables to be combined in a single table. The two tables are a one to many relationship and I want the many rows to be put into one row. To illistrate, the desired solution that I want would have a table structure as follows: <BR> ID_Company Company Contact1 Contact2 Contact3 <BR><BR>The tables that have been given to me are as follows: <BR><BR>Contact Table <BR>ID_Company Company Name Contact <BR>0001 Microsoft Steve Balmer <BR>0002 Intel Andy Grove <BR>0003 Cisco John Chambers <BR>0001 Microsoft Bill Lee <BR>0001 Microsoft Bill Gates <BR><BR>Company Table <BR>ID_Company Company Address <BR>0001 Microsoft Washington State <BR>0002 Intel California <BR>0003 Cisco California. <BR><BR>Is there any way of obtaining a table where I would have the following information: <BR><BR>ID_Company Company Contact1 Contact2 Contact3 <BR>0001 Microsoft Bill Gates Bill Lee Steve Balmer <BR>0002 Intel Andy Grove Null Null <BR>0003 Cisco John Chambers Null Null <BR><BR><BR>Please note that I have tried cursors but they are way to slow because my tables are too big. If cursors are the way to go, I open up one distinct record in the company table, then parse through each record of the contact table. I use some decisions and then I go to the next record within the company table. <BR><BR>Can someone please help because I cannot think of a way in using any SQL command that would use Having and Group By. <BR><BR>Thanks, <BR><BR>Vipul <BR>