I just received a message from my webhoster. I have several sites running a CMS and they use MySQL as a database platform. Some sites, the low volume sites, are running on an Access97 database. The reason for using Access97 is that the database size is about 50% of the Access2K db&#039;s.<BR><BR>I just received a message that they would like me to upgrade to Access2k or AccessXP db&#039;s because the current versions of OLEDB seem to have problems with Access97 db&#039;s. <BR><BR>I never heard of this problem, did I miss something?!? I see no reason to upgrade to Access2k but if this is really true then I will upgrade to 2k and say 97 goodbye. Someone experiencing problems with A97 db&#039;s or knows from any problems?<BR><BR>Thanx in advance!