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    I have an asp array, and I am wanting to grab all the elements from the array with javascript is there any way to do this?<BR><BR>this is what I have so far...<BR>var txtCLLI;<BR>for (var i=161; i&#062;0; i--){<BR> //this increments txtCLLI161 to txtCLLI 1<BR> txtCLLI = + i;<BR> //can&#039;t grab value cause txtCLLI is now only a variable<BR> alert(txtCLLI.value);<BR>}<BR><BR>I have tried a many of this, and everything I found was to submit the page, I am needing to grab the array without submitting the page.<BR><BR>any help would be appreciated.<BR><BR>thanx,<BR><BR>bignick

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    Default Huh???

    How about showing where the array is.<BR><BR>You don&#039;t have any array usage at all in the code you show.<BR><BR>

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