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    Hello there. I&#039;ve got a few questions I&#039;m dealing with on my site and I was hoping to get some advice from experienced ASP programmers.<BR><BR>1.) Is it worth writing a function to form SQL statements and return a record set? The function would take all the data in the SQL statement as parameters and then form the statement, execute it, and return a record set. Is this worthwhile or a waste of time?<BR><BR>2.) I&#039;ve got a bunch of tables generated from database information on my site. It, however, makes the page look very cluttered and messy. Is it a decent decision to create a different file for each type of table and then just #include it in the pages where it belongs? Kind of a way to modularize code, I thought. Again, is this worthwhile or a waste of time?<BR><BR>Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    As with all projects, modularisation of code is good practise, increasing in value with the size of the project.<BR><BR>With regards to your specific questions:<BR>1) Probably not. If you were to write a function which returned the recordset as an ARRAY (using .GetRows()), then it would be very beneficial. That way you can make sure that your objects are correctly closed and destroyed, and speed up your pages.<BR><BR>2) User-friendly design is always one of my top priorities, so I would say that it&#039;s probably a good idea. This is different to the above question, because the number of people who use your application will be directly proportional to the ease with which your application can be used. Also, any modifications to connection strings, etc can be easily changed in the include files and automatically applied throughout the site.<BR><BR>Help?<BR><BR>Craig.

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