Does COM built web app perform better ?

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Thread: Does COM built web app perform better ?

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    Hellow all ASP guys,<BR>For the last 2 years I have been programming ASP.But I use simple ASP - VBScript code.Which is interpreted so naturally slow in execution.<BR>If I start using COM components instead, How will i benefit ?<BR>How to create ADO connections/Recordset etc in COM using VB ?<BR>IF SOMEONE HAS CODE FOR THAT PLEASE SEND IT ACROSS TO ME ..<BR><BR>Regards,<BR>R ushi

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    Ahey Rushi,<BR><BR>The main benefits of COM are that Business logic can be shared between multiple applications, scalability, security and reliability. Just because you move functionality to a COM component means that it will run faster. If the process you have written in VBScript is very large then there is a good chance it will be faster in COM. If it&#039;s relatively small code, then it&#039;s more likely that it won&#039;t be faster. There are a lot of variables that determine execution/response time. One thing to think about, if your COM server is separate from your IIS server then every call from the IIS server requires and RPC call across your network. The more RPC calls you perform, the more likely the repsonse time will be slower.<BR><BR>Here&#039;s a place to start if you are interested in seeing some code with explainations.<BR><BR><BR><BR>Good Luck - brent<BR><BR>

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