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    is it posible to save image in a sql server 7.0?? if yes how to do it?? and how to call it out in asp??? thanks and happy new year

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    Default Not best use of the database

    I don&#039;t think storing the image in the database is good use of memory or database space. What I do often is store the name of the image in the database and then call the database to get it. When the database is queried, I get the name of the image, and I just place that name in the appropriate html text for loading to a browser. By the way, I often store the width and height of the image too and load those in to the tag. Here is a quick example:<BR>&#060;img src="images/&#060;%= dataSet("image") %&#062;" width="&#060;%= dataSet("width") %&#062;" height="&#060;%= dataset("height") %&#062;" border="0" alt=""&#062;<BR><BR>I hope this helps.<BR><BR>Edward<BR><BR>

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