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    If someone culd help please, I need a respectable place to go to find out the ways in which i can make ASP work using Win98 and Personal Web Server. I have had problems using databases and just simply running the code. Are there specifications I need to make to my computer, specifically ODBC or ASP or any other program that I may need to upgrade? Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance

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    You must install ado to increase the speed of the database connections within PWS you can find it on microsoft&#039s site or visual stuido or option pack 4 for nt

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    All you need to do is install PWS from the Win98 CD. (which I presume you have already done)<BR><BR>Change your network settings so that you can then access your website locally by visiting http://&#060;machinename&#062;<BR><BR>If youare having problems with databases, then check out some of the help on the 4guys website - there&#039s a lot of very useful stuff on there. The simplest form of database connection you can get is a DSN-less connection to an Access 97/2000 database.<BR><BR>Hope that helps,<BR><BR>Get your free HTML counter at

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