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    I&#039;m having an issue where dllhost eats up a ton of memory when hitting a particular page and not giving it back. It will continue to eat memory untill the server has to be rebooted (usually an hour or two). I am closing all connections and destroying all objects. The really odd thing is it only happens on certain servers! All servers are running IIS 5 with all the latest patches and service packs.<BR><BR>The page that is causing the problem is pulling back a good bit of data and manipulating it in arrays (it&#039;s also written in JSCRIPT). I will probably ultimatly rewrite the code into a stored proceedure, but that doesn&#039;t change the fact that it works perfectly on at least 3 development servers and doesn&#039;t work properly on 2 servers (including the live site).<BR><BR>Please help!

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    Are you calling any dll&#039;s in your page ?<BR>

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