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    I am using ASP to send a form. I would like to set up a default email for the FromAddress property that will automatically be used if the user does not input an email address.<BR><BR>I am not sure exactly how to do this, though I would guess that I need to use an if then statement. I&#039;m not sure exactly what to do with it, thought I think that it is something similar to below. I appreciate any help! Thanks<BR><BR>If Request.Form("email") = ""<BR>then Request.Form("email") = ""

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    Well<BR><BR>first I would check to see that its a valid email address (lots of examples on the net)<BR><BR>dim theemail<BR>theemail = request.form("email")<BR>if (len(theemail) = 0) then theemail = ""<BR><BR>

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