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    I am using VBscript to pull from an AS400 database, where all of the data displays in uppercase letters. I am displaying Customer name and it displays as DOE, JOHN F. I am looking for a way to format the name so that the first letter of each name is Capital and the other letters are lowercase. The only tool I can find is Lcase but that converts them all to lowercase, I need the name to display as Doe, John F.

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    You can use the UCase () function, InStr()(nested) to find the first letter of the name , while using one of the other string functions to set the other letters to lowercase. That may be sort of awkward but just trying to help, hope it does.

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    AS the INSTR() function only returns an integer noting the position in the string that your seach found its results at, this isn&#039t very helpful.<BR><BR>Does your AS400 field for Name contain the full name? Or do you have fields such as FirstName, LastName, MiddleInit, etc.<BR><BR>

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