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    At first i have to say, that i don&#039;t want to use my computer as a real server but as a testing platform for my ASP-Sites.<BR><BR>I was using PWS before, which worked fine.<BR><BR>So, I installed IIS 5 from my WinXP Pro CD.<BR>I changed the path from "c:inetpubwwwroot" to "d:websites\" but when I type in URLs like "http://computername/mysite" i get a "page not found"-error. But when "mysite" is a subdirectory in "websites" it should work, shouldn&#039;t it? There are some settings I don&#039;t know what they&#039;re good for since my Webserver knowledge is very ... basic. If someone could post some info or a link to a good "how-to"-site (especially dealing with IIS under WinXP) i&#039;d be very thankful.<BR><BR>BTW: My WinXP is a clean install (formatted C: before).

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    What do you have the default pages set up (e.g. index.html default.html index.asp default.asp????)<BR><BR>this coulld be the problem ....<BR><BR>oh and does it work when you just try "http://computername/

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