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    Hi All,<BR><BR>i need to access a remote database which resides in web server from the client machine. once i get connection with remote DB i have to open connection on local machine then compare emp_id fields with both remote & local database tables. is it possible? any solutions.?<BR><BR>thanx<BR>ambi

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    Stand alone Access doesn&#039;t have a service for listening for remote connections like a SQL Server or Oracle.<BR><BR>Options that I know of:<BR><BR>1. Map a drive from the web server to the local machine.<BR> Not recommended but if your need is for administrative<BR> purposes where only a small & controlled number of people<BR> have access, it is ok.<BR><BR>2. XMLHttp<BR><BR> Create a page server side to return XML to the desktop<BR> app. There are several Articles on this sort of thing<BR> at

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