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    What should I do if i want my site to be viewed in various languages like Chinese etc..<BR><BR>thx<BR>Philip

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    Default Realistic answer...

    ...multiple pages.<BR><BR>You theoretically could write an ASP page that would be sensitive to the language and display the appropriate text strings (from a DB or from multiple text files?).<BR><BR>But in practice, the amount of text and the way it is laid out is likely to be SO different in the two languages that what looks pretty good in one will look cruddy in the other.<BR><BR>About the only place you might use common coding would, perhaps, be when you display the results of some DB query in some table. In that case, you might use a &#060;FRAME&#062; that is separate from the rest of the display and that just presents the tabular results.<BR><BR><BR>

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