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    prince arora Guest

    Default command object or recordsets

    What is better to communicate with SQL database ? Through recordsets.Addnew object or command object using stored procedures.

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    Matt Jacyno Guest

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    From an architectural standpoint, you should always use stored procedures. In a three-tiered system you have the UI, Business Objects, and Backend (database), and the three are distinct from each other. By separating all of your data access into stored procedures, you create a level of abstraction that&#039s particularly valuable if your schema or queries change later. In general your middle tier (your ASP script) should never directly access the database. The inverse is true, too - your stored procedures should be used ONLY for data access; no business logic allowed! ;)<BR>Practically speaking, I&#039d be interested to see a benchmark comparing the two methods, just out of curiosity...<BR><BR>Hope this helps.

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