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    I am having a heck of a time with a set of arrays I use to display some data. I am DIM-ing them at the top of the page (for use when not displaying existing data) but I want to use recordset.GetRows() to collect recordset data when displaying records. This triggers an error because the array is already DIMensioned. I have tried ERASE arrName and SET arrName=Nothing and arrName=Nothing. None work. How can I clear an array that has been previously DIMensioned so I can use GetRows(). Thanks.

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    &nbsp;<BR> Redim MyArray(1,55)<BR> <BR> However, I don&#039;t think you can use the Redim on a .GetRows()<BR> from ADO. I&#039;m pretty sure you&#039;ll need to use a different<BR> variable name for this.<BR><BR> I don&#039;t think ERASE is valid in VBScript and arrays aren&#039;t<BR> COM objects so setting it to nothing wouldn&#039;t work either.

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