URGENT ! Please HELP ...Transfer Control to Anoth

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Thread: URGENT ! Please HELP ...Transfer Control to Anoth

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    Default URGENT ! Please HELP ...Transfer Control to Anoth

    hi ... need help from anyone ..<BR><BR>currently i am using ASP 2.0 and i need to do a <BR>SERVER.TRANSFER("filename.asp") control statement. but ASP 2.0 doesn&#039;t support ASP3.0 commands like --&#062; SERVER.TRANSFER, SERVER.EXECUTE<BR><BR>i have to use ASP 2.0, can anyone advise me is there an solution that give the same effect as SERVER.TRANSFER ?? so that i can transfer control from a ASP page to another ASP page.<BR><BR>any suggestion, help is very much appreciated. as i am running out of time to complete my project. thanks in advance !!<BR><BR>Thomas

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    Default It kinda depends...

    ...on what is included in the server.execute page. If you need that page to return HTML to spit out to the browser, then perhaps this is a decent route:<BR><BR>This is off topic but the code is relevant to your question:<BR><BR>http://www.eggheadcafe.com/PrintSearchContent.asp?LINKID=139<BR><BR>If you are just running a function inside the server.execute page then maybe the Windows Scripting host is a better solution.<BR>Check it out on MSDN. It is pretty simple.<BR><BR>Server.transfer is really the same thing as Response.Redirect but doesn&#039;t make a separate trip back to the client side. It is a little slower but functions the same.<BR><BR>

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