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    My database has tables that are created dynamically. Is it possible to construct an SQL query so that it can search through all the tables in the database where a field equals x?<BR><BR>For example:<BR>SQL="SELECT * FROM [all the tables] WHERE fieldName=1"

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    If you really *need* to do this, then you almost surely have designed your DB wrong. You probably should be using one table instead of several.<BR><BR>The short answer is: NO, you can&#039;t do it.<BR><BR>The longer answer is: Yeah, but it&#039;s painful:<BR><BR>SELECT fld1, fld2, fld3 FROM table1 WHERE fldX=&#039;someValue&#039;<BR>UNION<BR>SELECT fldA, fldB, fldC FROM table2 WHERE fldM=&#039;someValue&#039;<BR>UNION<BR>SELECT fldX, fldY, fldZ FROM table3 WHERE fld14=&#039;someValue&#039;<BR>UNION <BR>...<BR>ORDER BY 1, 2, 3<BR><BR>(1) The field names in the various SELECTs don&#039;t have to be the same in all the tables, but the data *TYPES* of the fields have to be (or at least, depending on the DB you are using, be "conversion compatible" to the types of the fields in the first SELECT).<BR><BR>(2) You *must* SELECT the same *number* of fields in each sub-query. If one of the subqueries doesn&#039;t have a field to correspond to one of those SELECTed in the first subquery, use a constant or even NULL instead.<BR><BR>(3) The ORDER BY is optional. You can specify the ordering using positional field numbers, starting with 1 instead of zero, though.<BR><BR>So, now, you can easily build up a query that will process all the tables. If you don&#039;t know all the table names in your code, you can use ADODB.Connection.OpenSchema [see the ADO docs] to find all the table names.<BR><BR>But please do seriously consider redesigning this db!<BR><BR>

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