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    sachin Guest

    Default Autofire(Timer) component

    Is it possible to mail to user with specific time periods and if yes where we can find this component for free to download

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    Mike Shaffer Guest

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    Hello sachin,<BR><BR>I have not seen a free one that will do scheduling. You could roll-your own using a hodge-podge of commands, but it would be very inefficient from a systems level.<BR><BR>However, I do know of a couple of commercial components that are EXCELLENT that will perform what you want. The first, from is called ocxqmail. It works great. The second is AspQMail, from Although version 2.0 is currently in beta, it has been stated that it will include "Delayed / Timed sending of messages (not available in current beta) ".<BR><BR>Hope this helps!<BR><BR><BR>

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