no reconizing values from textboxes no matter what

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Thread: no reconizing values from textboxes no matter what

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    Default no reconizing values from textboxes no matter what

    okay here&#039;s the deal, I have a page that loads info froma database, and then I have a OnFocus event for a textbox that calls a javascript function. In this function I have 4 arguments being passed in, which are 2 textbox values, 1 textbox name, 1 string. The problem is that the values being passed in are not being reconized, I am able to alert(document.forms[0].txtProjectType); and this works fine, but I am not able to set the value to any variable or even use the variables in the functions unless I reselect the project type manually.<BR><BR>Any help would be appreciated.<BR><BR>thanx,<BR><BR>bignick

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    Default show HTML code

    Do *not* show the ASP code.<BR><BR>Show the HTML code. <BR><BR>To do this, bring up the page in your browser. Then click on the VIEW menu (top of the browser) and then the SOURCE menu item.<BR><BR>In the HTML that will pop up in a text editor (probably notepad), find the *RELEVANT* JavaScript code and the relevant &#060;FORM&#062; code. <BR><BR>Copy past the relevant code here.<BR><BR>I guarantee you are doing something wrong. If this was a flaw in JS, then there would be hundreds of thousands of Web pages out there that would suddenly quit working, because most any shopping site does this.<BR><BR>

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