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    i&#039ve been trying to load asp files,using a PWS(personal web server),but it doesn&#039t work out.Even specifying the url as,<BR>http://machinename/filename.asp or even http://machinename/inetpub/wwwroot/filename.asp doesn&#039t work out.<BR>sometimes it loads frontpage editor,instead.on some cases it asks for an internet connect.(i also have an internet dial-up connection at home-disabling this for loading asp files..too..doesn&#039t work)..any suggestions anybody???<BR><BR>thanx.(george)

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    What version of PWS do you use?<BR>Install the PWS from NT4 Option Pack which is available in the VS6 CD2 for instance and you&#039ll have asp.

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    ok there may be serveral things like http://localhost <BR>will get you to the root directory that servers web pages!<BR>the other is it you did not share the directoy that you are trying to access open pws and click on advanced while the home icon is highlighted click add make a name for the directory and browse for it click ok and you can access it like so<BR>http://localhost/newdirectoy/ <BR>also for simple use enable the directory browsing

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