Halo,<BR><BR>I have this problem of displaying frames in a one web page when my code is:<BR><BR>document.location = ("&#060;%=Application("WEB_SERVER")%&#062;airRecor d.asp?origin="+ selectcity + "&destination=" + selectdes + "&departure=" + departureDate + "&trip=OFF&submit=1"); <BR><BR>I need to display the above query in one specific frame in the same web page which might be coded as:<BR><BR>&#060;frame name="myframe" width=600 height=160 frameborder=no src="airRecord.asp" &#062;&#060;/frame&#062;<BR><BR>I have tried using document.location.myframe.... and etc but it doesn&#039t seem to work. What is the correct way to code.<BR><BR>Please advice and thank you<BR><BR>Cheers :)<BR>Winnie<BR>