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    i am trying to implement a binary tree spanning algorithm with the tree stored in an access database (each record in the database table contains the rootid,leftchildid and the rightchildid). Can i get some help on how to do it using ASP ?

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    Relational databases are *ROTTEN* things to store trees in!<BR><BR>About the only useful thing you can do with such a tree is read the entire thing into memory and then use it in memory.<BR><BR>With ASP, you do this using ADODB.RecordSet.GetRows. Assuming that the Primary Key is an autonumber field, then the row number of a record in the 2D array you get from GetRows will just be one less than the PK field, so traversing the tree is easy.<BR><BR>But other than that, you should avoid trees when working with relational DBs.<BR><BR>

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