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    Default FSO with VB?

    How can utillizing an ASP component place a quota on a particular folder. For example only allow up to maximum of 2MB .<BR><BR>ginuwine

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    Default What ASP Component?

    The Scripting.FileSystemObject is a COM object and is not specific to IIS/ASP.<BR><BR>If you are trying to read a file, FSO does not have a 2MB max.

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    Default Is this what you mean?

    If you put each user into a separate folder, it would be pretty easy.<BR><BR>The .SIZE property of a folder returns the sum of the file sizes of all the files in that folder (including in sub-folders)!<BR><BR>I presume this is for a situation where you have users uploading files? <BR><BR>(1) So you allow the upload. <BR>(2) You check the size of the uploaded file. <BR>(3) You check the space they have already used in their directory. <BR>(4A) If the sum is below your limit, you use FSO and the MoveFile method to move the file into their directory. <BR>(4B) If moving the file would put them over the limit, you give them a nasty message (and maybe allow them to online purchase more space???).<BR><BR>ANYWAY... You can&#039;t directly limit the user, but if you are controlling the uploads, this would work.<BR><BR>NOTE: If, on the other hand, you allow them to use FTP to put files in place, the best you could do would be to "sweep" all the directories once a day (or whenever) and send out nasty email messages. Or check into what your OS allows in the way of user limits, outside the ken of ASP/FSO.<BR><BR>

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