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    Does any one have any experience with this kind of design? What is the best to do? Create one page and program it to accept a parameter, adjusting the language accordingly? Create some new function? Create two different pages?<BR>thanks

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    There has to be about a dozen ways to do this, but for me there are a few guidelines that I think you should follow. First, and foremost is to use as few words as possible to explain things to the reader. Most people don&#039;t want to read. They get impatient.<BR><BR>That being said, using a database might be best, especially if you can limit the number of "message areas" to a sensible number.<BR>A person can visit the website, and perhaps on the first visit, he can choose his language. That will set a cookie on his browser (assuming he doesn&#039;t actually need to login, in which case you would make language a part of his account) which will make the choosing unnecessary in the future. Now, at the point of choosing, a session cookie is set that says "English" or "French" (or whatever the case may be!). Now, for each point you want to spit out text, just look to the database for the language. A small amount of planning will go a long way. You can have the page automatically format all the text so the database can simply include raw text.<BR><BR>You know, my website uses shell pages. This is pretty cool too. Most well designed websites pull all the page data from one place giving the entire website a polished and together look. I suggest you do this too. I know there is an article on the website about this. Look for it.<BR><BR>Good luck!<BR><BR>Edward<BR><BR>

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