Hi,<BR><BR>I posted a question yesterday about the use of adExecuteNoRecords in Javascript.<BR>Again, I am stuck. Here is my problem, I want to set adExecuteNoRecords and do the following:<BR><BR>var DBConn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection");<BR>DBConn .Open(....);<BR>cmdTest = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Command");<BR>cmdTest.A ctiveConnection = DBConn;<BR>cmdTest.CommandText = "sp_test";<BR>cmdTest.CommandType = 4;<BR>cmdTest.Parameters.Append(cmdTest.CreatePara meter("@test1",200,1,20,"testvalue1"));<BR>cmdTest .Parameters.Append(cmdTest.CreateParameter("@test2 ",200,1,20,"testvalue2"));<BR><BR>These are the basics. Now I want to execute with option adExecuteNoRecords (0x80) by using:<BR>Command.Execute(Recordseffected,Paramete rs,Options)<BR><BR>However, I already have my parameters appended, what do I put in place of the "Paramets"?<BR><BR>cmdTest.Execute(null, ... ,0x80);<BR><BR>If I place null where the ... is, it will read the first parameter I appended "@test1" as null, the second is passed correctly. How do I point to the appended parameters colletion?<BR><BR>Alernatively I thought of doing the following:<BR><BR>DBConn.Execute(CommandText,Recor dseffected,Options)<BR><BR>But how do I pass the already created command "cmdTest" to be exectuted?<BR>DBConn.Execute(cmdTest,null,0x80) will not work.<BR><BR>I guess I sound terribly confused and confusing, but I would much appreciate if somebody could enlighten me on this subject.<BR><BR>Thanks, Cornelius<BR>