Hi,<BR>sorry to start yet another thread about the threaded discussion group issue, but I have been reading many articles, posts and discussions on the matter and am very uncertain about how I should proceed in my case. My question is:<BR>Most of the solutions I read used one table in the database containing a threadid and than parentids, child ids, sort ids and so forth. All seems to make sense on the ease to query and return single recordset matter, however, I was always under the impression that, since using a relational database, we should &#039;normalize&#039; and utalize the relational structure. In other words, not keep redundant records in a table and maintain the relational integrety. What prevents me from changing a given id field or even adding a reply which has no parent id? The sturcture I had looked at using up until now is the following:<BR><BR>tbl_topic<BR>topicid PK Identity<BR>topicname<BR><BR>tbl_thread<BR>threadi d PK Identity<BR>topicid FK<BR>threadname<BR><BR>tbl_message<BR>messageid PK Identity<BR>threadid FK<BR>messagename<BR><BR>(a number of fields are skipped of simplicity, such as dates, text, etc)<BR><BR>Is this approach wrong? I know it will probably require more query time, but it should be easier to maintain and update.<BR><BR>I hope I make sense, thanks everybody,<BR>Cornelius