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Thread: ASP attaching to server in office behind dsl

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    I am pretty new to creating ASP's. I did so using access 2000 and have it posted. Myproblem is that the page resides on a web server that our ISP provides and the database resides in my office behind a dsl line. I have the ip address for the gateway to get to the network, but I do not know where or how to state that in the page iI've created. I found the source area of the page and have tried to put statements there but I am having no luck.

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    Default I don't think you can...

    In order to get that to work, you&#039;d have to be able to treat Access as a database *SERVER*. Normally, with ASP, we just use the Access or JET drivers, which are just a DLL that gets loaded into memory along with IIS/ASP/VBScript/ADO (those are all DLLs).<BR><BR>This contrasts with SQL Server and MySQL, which are *true* servers, in the sense that you connect to them via a socket (or other interprocess mechanism).<BR><BR>There *is* a product out there that lets you treat the Access driver as a DB server. It does this by providing the socket server layer and then invoking the Jet driver "under the covers". It&#039;s called "SequeLink" [spelling may not be correct] and it&#039;s published by Merant. But it&#039;s not free. (Probably not horribly expensive, though.)<BR><BR>Not to ask silly questions: Why don&#039;t you co-locate the Web server and the DB? Either move the Access DB to your ISP or set up your machine in the office as the Web server?<BR><BR>

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