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    andrew b Guest

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    We use ASP pages to interact with an Oracle database sitting on a remote server. If the server goes down, an error will be returned and we can use the ADO Error object to evaluate the error number returned and make a connection to an appropriate alternate server. <BR><BR>Does some method exist to check whether the server is responsive before ASP attempts the connection?

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    I don&#039t know if this would improve the performance any, but, yes, there is a way to ping. In fact, an article exists on 4Guys that explains how to do this! :-)<BR><BR>How to Ping Using ASP<BR><BR><BR>Happy Programming!

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    Gary Van Sluis Guest

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    This is true that you can use ping, I would not use it, I would write a COM object to handle the connections, and for your case I would use WinInet functions to issue a request. Either way the end result is the same, you can test to see if your server is there.<BR><BR>

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