What happened to ServerVariables(LOGON_USER)

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Thread: What happened to ServerVariables(LOGON_USER)

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    Default What happened to ServerVariables(LOGON_USER)

    Does anybody know how to get ServerVariables(LOGON_USER) in ASP.NET?<BR><BR>I have an intranet application in classic ASP wherein I get the ntlogin of the user by using ServerVariables(LOGON_USER) and then check their access rights to the application. This way, the user does not need to enter separate login (just use their network id).<BR><BR>In ASP.NET, when I try to get the ServerVariables(LOGON_USER), I am getting nothing. I have set the Anonymous access off and use integrated windows security in IIS for the application (same as the classic ASP application I am rewriting).<BR><BR>Any ideas on how to get user ntlogin in ASP.NET?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.<BR>

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    Default HTTPRequest Object

    Try... Response.write(Request.ServerVariables("ALL_HTTP") )<BR><BR>Also,<BR><BR>Take a look at the TRACE feature - I&#039;ve found this useful<BR><BR>&#060;% @PAGE Language="vb" trace="true" %&#062;<BR><BR>Dumps out all of the server variables

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