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    how can I let the user be able to type a word(pertaining to the topic)in the &#060;SELECT&#062; list as well as select a record in the dropdown, so the user will have the option to select from the dropdown or type the word instead.

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    Default You can't. But...

    But you can have both a &#060;SELECT&#062; list and an &#060;INPUT Type=Text&#062; and tie them together using a little bit of JavaScript.<BR><BR>So that when the user makes a choice in the &#060;SELECT&#062;, that choice is copied to the &#060;INPUT&#062;. And when the user types in an entry in the &#060;TEXT&#062;, that entry is added to the &#060;SELECT&#062; and is automatically selected.<BR><BR>

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    Default RE: Got It

    I guess I was thinking the hard way!

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