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    raise Guest

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    how to build a spider that record other web page meta tags and little bit content then put in a database?

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    Marcel Vogel Guest

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    Hi,<BR><BR>What you need is the asphttp object<BR>from serverobjects.com<BR>http://serverobjects.com/products.htm#asphttp<BR><BR>This is what you can do with it:<BR>http://www.casinocrawler.net/default2.asp<BR><BR>Fill in a url and you will see there title, description and keywords.<BR><BR>Marcel.

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    Lionel Guest

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    Some knows how casinocrawler coded that asp code ??<BR>( http://www.casinocrawler.net/default2.asp )<BR><BR>I really need to do that, but don&#039t know how...<BR><BR>Please, email me lionel@vroom.be

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