I am using the following code to display a PDF ...<BR>The problem is when I click the link to run it, it goes to a blank page .... I have to click BACK and then click the link again to get it to display .... does anyone know why it isnt displaying on the FIRST click?<BR><BR><BR>------------------------------------<BR>Dim objStream<BR> Set objStream = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Stream") <BR> objStream.Type = 1 &#039;Set to Binary Data <BR> objStream.Open <BR> On Error Resume Next <BR> objStream.LoadFromFile filepath & filename <BR> Response.Addheader "Content-Disposition", "inline; filename=" & filename <BR> Response.ContentType = "application/pdf"<BR> Response.BinaryWrite objStream.Read<BR> objStream.Close <BR> Set ObjStream = Nothing <BR>