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    Hi <BR>I have a stored procedure which has multiple SELECT statements.<BR>Is it possible to get the results of these statements in multiple recordsets, which can be used in the ASP?<BR>If yes please elaborate on it.<BR>Thanks <BR>

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    if you are using Access you can not use stored procedures!<BR>on ther other hand if you are using sql you can!<BR>this is the code to get info out of the database<BR><BR>set rs = Server.createobject("adodb.recordset")<BR>sql = "Select * from tablename"<BR>rs.Open sql,"databaseODBC",3&#039note the number 3 is to open the database dynamicly and move forward and backwards<BR>count = rs.recordcount<BR>for i = 1 to count step 1<BR>response.write rs("colName") & "<BR>" & rs("colName2")<BR><BR>next

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