Hi there<BR><BR>I&#039;m searching the internet for existing ASP-applications regarding personal preferences. It should be an application with which questions are asked to the viewer about their personal preferences. You can think of a lot of things, like <BR>what&#039;s their job<BR>what&#039;s their favourite color <BR>what&#039;s their hobby<BR>and so on<BR>I want to know everything I possibly can about my visitors. The idea of this all is to serve the visitors with the websites they like most.<BR>But for now I&#039;m just looking for the part of collecting information of the visitors.<BR>Has anyone written anything like that and want to sell it?<BR><BR>It may also be several little application from different programmers that I can later on combine to a big one. I can&#039;t find anything on the net, so if you know anything or wrote something like this, please let me know.<BR><BR>You can reply here but you can also email me at info@softclick.nl<BR><BR>Thanks, Art