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    anyone have advice or ecperience with running IIS and the nimda worm. i was infected yesterday, formatted my harddrive, installed the patches from from the MS site (including the code red cleanup), got myself up and running again, and then just received notification from Norton that the nimda worm has been detected. <BR><BR>please help!<BR><BR>thanks

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    I got hit by it a couple of times on my sadly neglected NT4 box. you don&#039;t need to re-install, but you WILL need to set up your entire configuration THEN add the service packs and patches, ensuring that you reboot after each one. it&#039;s rather laborious but it does get you there. I managed to get re-infetced before actually getting to the reboot at one point!<BR><BR>and of course these days, I&#039;ve taken IIS off port 80 and run webshere there now, with my IIS sites running in higher ports.<BR><BR>j<BR>

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