how to add and delete items from list boxes.

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Thread: how to add and delete items from list boxes.

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    Default how to add and delete items from list boxes.

    Hi,<BR>I would like to have two list boxes - one for adding items into the database and one for deleting list items from database.<BR>This should be done in an efficient manner.<BR>Can you help.<BR>thanks,<BR>abirami

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    Default Where do the items come from?

    Where do you get the items that you put into the &#060;SELECT&#062; lists in the first place?<BR><BR>I can see it&#039;s easy to find all the values in a field in the DB and make them into a list of things that can be deleted. But how do you make the list of things to be added???<BR><BR>And list boxes may not be the best thing to use. If the user wants to delete 7 items, he/she has to scroll up and down the list finding them, pushing CTRL-click to add them to the ones already selected, and it&#039;s easy to make a mistake.<BR><BR>Checkboxes are a lot easier to see and manipulate. Assuming you don&#039;t have hundreds of possibilities.<BR><BR>

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