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    I have 5 size fields for a product. I&#039;ve set the Access file to accept the different sizes but my problem lies where I diplay the results. The problem is when I display all of the Sizes show, how can I trim out the one size fields that are empty and have the value null? <BR><BR>Forgive me, I&#039;m a virigin at this :) Even if you can just point me to an article, tutorial I would greatly appreciate it.

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    Loop the below code for each field.. <BR><BR>ie: while not RS.eof<BR><BR>If Not IsNull(RS("field")) and RS("field")&#060;&#062; "" then<BR> response.write RS("field")<BR>End If<BR><BR>wend

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    Default Nifty little trick...

    ...forces null to be evaluated as an empty string.<BR><BR> if Trim(oRS.Fields("MYCOL").value & "")

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