I am trying to teach myself ASP and I am trying to run my practice pages locally on Personal Web Server. However, I cannot seem to get the links to work. In an ordinary HTML document stored on my local hard drive I simply type &#060;A HREF="Destination_Document.htm"&#062; and the link will work. I cannot seem to do this with ASP pages on PWS. I get a file not found error.<BR><BR>The problem may lie in the way I "register" the pages with the server. The first page "the one containing the links that arent working" is the default page, so it is loading ok. But the other pages are not working. The documentation makes reference to dragging the page on top of the publish icon, but that has not had any effect. I may not be doing it right. The destination page in question is in the same directory as the default page. Is that enough, or is there more that I must do the make the server "aware" of my destination page?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.<BR><BR>Ran<BR><BR>(whittle283(no spam)@aol.com)