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    I&#039;m not sure if there is a way to do what I&#039;m asking (other than maybe VB) but I&#039;d like to include some code at the end of my webpages (whether it&#039;s JavaScript or ASP, I really don&#039;t care) that will calculate the size of the content sent to the browser. Since the HTML stream wouldn&#039;t yet be done I&#039;m not concerned about the last few bytes. Is there some way via ASP or JavaScript to accomplish what I&#039;m asking? (I&#039;m guessing that there is no way that server-side ASP could work because the HTML content would be run later.)<BR><BR>Any responses are appreciated.<BR><BR>Walter

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    If I understand you right, try "HTTPRequest". That&#039;s how sites like can re-interpret site content.

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