where to store shopcart details?

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Thread: where to store shopcart details?

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    dhamija Guest

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    1. where to store shopcart details? <BR>if database what would be the field to identify it.....since user hasn&#039t enter any details about himself before adding items to shopping cart....<BR><BR>if cookies are used how to deal with if user has set off the cookie option?<BR><BR>or if there is any other way to deal with it please tell me<BR>thanks<BR>dhamija<BR>

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    Kurniawan Guest

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    In case of database, you can generate a unique identifier to identify user&#039s shopping cart. Extra work might be required to associate the shopping cart after he/she register, but it depends how you design your store. The next step is to remember that shopping cart unique identifier when the user browse your site. You can use cookie, hidden field, url request string to store that unique identifier.<BR><BR>Yes, there is a way to deal with cookie option off. You must pass all variables that you store in cookie as hidden field or url request string. It&#039s a bit more work but that&#039s how it is.<BR><BR>kurniawan@awh.net

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