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    I sure people have come across this before, but with the new privacy options in IE6 I’ve found that if it’s set them above medium then the user loses asp session variables. <BR><BR>Any one know how to get around this? And I don’t mean rewrite the site using querystring :) i.e is there some settings I can make on the server allowing the session vairables to be kept?<BR><BR>Please e-mail me a as I’m a little stuck on this one.

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    There&#039;s a few things you can try, like making a privacy certificate (or declaration - can&#039;t remember what it&#039;s called)for your site and installing it on your webserver. This should allow IE6 clients access to it and possibly agree to allowing cookies on a higher setting.<BR><BR>If the user has the knowledge to raise the privacy options on their browser, they should also be able to "allow" your site to give them cookies and session variables (which are client-side cookies also).<BR><BR>I recommend capping your site with a page detecting if the browser is IE6 and cookies are not allowed. This page would have IE6-specific images showing the user how to add your site to their realm of trusted sites.<BR><BR>Of course, you could re-write your entire site using the querystring - but you don&#039;t sound too enthusiastic about that. You could also try the cookie-munger thingy I remeber seeing in NT4 IIS4 Admin Pack. Apparently it would automatically "munge" an encrypted session_id on to the querystring so that browsers that didn&#039;t support session cookies could still participate in an internet application. The cookie munger support might have died out (there aren&#039;t many of those old browsers crawling the web still), but see if you can get your hands on it.<BR><BR>-Quad

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