I&#039;m getting the "The requested resource is in use" error with an ASP app running under IIS4 on NT4 Server. I want to run each instance of my ASP app in seperate memory process (at least while I&#039;m developing and testing) but with "Run in seperate memory process" checked IIS4 stops showing my .ASP pages and gives me the "The requested resource is in use" error.<BR><BR>It doesn&#039;t matter whether I have ISAPI caching enabled or disabled, I still get the error. I&#039;m not running any COM objects or other DLL&#039;s and I don&#039;t have any other ISAPI applications defined apart from the normal ones IIS4 registers... it is just a straight ASP app. I just want to be able to kill rogue ASP requests without having to restart NT4!!<BR><BR>I can&#039;t find anything on the web that mentions this specifically so can anyone tell me why I&#039;m still getting this error? <BR><BR>The wierdest thing is that running the same app on NT4 WS (SP6) with PWS I can quite happily use seperate memory processes with or without ISAPI caching... anyone know what&#039;s going on here?<BR><BR>Mike.<BR><BR>