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    I am getting a Library not registered error on the mouseover event of a menu drop down javascript. Funny thing is my computer is the only one in the office with this error ... even my admin user of the same computer can bring up the drop down menu correctly. The error I get points to a certain line of code for an error on my computer only. Within the .js file Visual interdev 6.0 highlights this line of code:<BR><BR>function sm(v1){if(flta){ap=gmobj(v1);if(ap.filters[0]) ap.filters[0].Apply()}else{if(menu[8]){ts=menu[8].substr(0,4);if (ts.toUpperCase()=="FADE"){<BR><BR><BR>Interdev highlights this portion of the above line: <BR>ap.filters[0].Apply()}<BR><BR>Also, I have notice two large sections of code colorized by Visual Interdev 6.0 ... between &#060; and another &#062; ... it seems to think this is HTML perhaps !!!<BR><BR>I even upgraded my browser to version 6.0 IExplorer and the problem remained ... buahahaha! Not fair.

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    Default So which library?

    It *looks* like the object in question is the one referred to by the "ap" variable. And you get ap from the line<BR>&nbsp; &nbsp; ap = gmobj(v1);<BR>So what is that getting???<BR><BR>

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