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    is it possible to start a page without displaying the toolbar and menu on the IE window for an application (without changing the internet explorer options).<BR><BR>i have tried "" where i can specify that the window attributes, it works but the limitation is i have to open a new window. which is fine but i now have to close the first window that kicks off the new window without the toolbar. i tried doing a "window.close" but as it is a window opened by the user and not by script it pops up a question "do you want to close this window...." which i want to get rid of.<BR><BR>

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    No, you cannot use HTML to change the browser. You must open a new window. This is one of the limitations of Web design. Since there is a layer of separation between the client and the server, you cannot actively alter the client for good reason.<BR><BR>Imagine if you could write an HTML page that would close the user&#039s main window without prompting them. If the user&#039s home page was set to a URL that tried to do this, they wouldn&#039t be able to use their browser! Upon starting up their browser, it would visit the home page, which would promptly shut down their browser...

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    the problem is a security issue that MS had to fix in scripting languages the window that the user launched is not able to be modified without the users premission. now if you lanch a new window by a scripting language it can be closed by a scripting language that is the down fall of security issuse. on the other had if you get a signing tool that will sign scripts and embeds your personal info inside the idenity file you can access the current window that the user lanched down side to that is that you can not modify it there without user permissions either when the script starts to execute it notifies the user that it is a signed script and may have high access to the machine!! like browser favorites and window preferences also mail preferences

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