I need to be able to read appointments from an outlook calendar and display them on a web page. I don't want to display the actual calendar, but just a list of appointments. The problem is the web server is not the same machine as the exchange server, and there is no email client or exchange client running on the web server. I have gotten it to work from my local machine(because I have outlook), it just won't work on the web server. Is there a way to read straight from the exchange server? In this wonderful corporate world, I am not allowed to install outlook or exchange client onto the webserver. Is there maybe a dll that will have the components I need to accomplish this task? I've thought of several workarounds (like a vb.exe file that is a scheduled task that writes them to a text file which is then included on the web page) but all of them require some client installation to the web server. I am open to suggestions...... Thanks!